We’re excited that you want to create something cool. Before we get started, here’s a couple tips.

Artwork Guidelines for Screen Printing

While creating the artwork, keep in mind that we would like the files in an Illustrator, Acrobat or jpg format. We also ask that all text is converted to outlines and/or curves.

Let’s face it, everyone isn’t an artist. If you’re not able to send print-ready files, don’t panic. Send us what you have and we’ll talk about how to create what you want. We pride ourselves in helping our customers take ideas and end up with screen printed masterpieces.

All artwork can be sent to fastrak9@bellsouth.net. Please include contact info and the Job name (if possible).

Bear in mind that Fastrak can’t print any artwork with copyrights or trademarks without expressed written consent.

Artwork Sizing

We want your new design to look exactly the way you envisioned it. If you want an 8 inch print on a shirt, make sure your design is 8 inches wide.

What Type of Print

Most of our designs will be separated and printed using a spot color process. This is the most common and least expensive method. If your new design has a photograph or is based on a photograph, we will use process color printing. Process color is more expensive and usually done for a large run of t-shirts.

Please keep this in mind when creating artwork.

T-Shirt Sizes and Quality

Fastrak can provide all sizes of shirts from Child to Adult. Extended sizes are also available for a nominal up charge. Additionally, we can special order a preferred type of shirt (i.e. burnout, heavy cotton, or thermal) from one of our partners.

Turnaround Time

Typically we can turn a job around in 5-7 business days. If you need it sooner, call us immediately so we can schedule the job. Depending on loads there might be a rush fee.