Let’s work together on next project. We’re all about communication, let’s talk about your needs.

Here’s a couple questions to begin the process:
– What is the item you are wanting to embroider on (shirt, hat, bag, etc.)?
– What size do you want your embroidery to be?
– Where do you want the embroidery on your item (left chest, center, arm, etc.)?
– What is your price point for your embroidery?
– Do you have artwork for your embroidery or do you need assistance in creating the design?
– What colors need to be used for the embroidery?
– What is your timeframe to get your embroidery completed?

Once you have answered those questions, we can begin the embroidery process. we have all the information, we then begin the embroidery process. Our first step is getting the artwork digitized. If it’s already digitized, congrats!!! If not, send it to us and we’ll digitize. Once the artwork is ready, we’ll sew the design and send it for review and approval. After approval and when the items are in-house to be embroidered, we’ll complete the job.

No sweat, right?